Maleficent Horns Hat 3D Maleficent Hat Maleficent Gift - 3D Maleficent Accessory Maleficent Apparel


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When you think of Maleficent, the most striking thing about her are the dragon horns protruding from her head, so why not wear them on yours at your next ComicCon? The Maleficent Horns Hat is an all black hat made of textured PU leather that looks like the scales of a dragon. ON the top of the Maleficent accessory are 3D Plush horns that are also textured to match the hat. The Maleficent Hat is adjustable with a neon green image of Maleficent herself embroidered on the side of the cap. Of all the Disney Villain Maleficent apparel, this would be the best Maleficent gift for true fans of the Evil Sorceress!

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